Updates January 2016

Happy New Year….. This blog just reviews a few minor adjustments that have been made to the website over the last couple of months. Progress has been slow due to other commitments but time is available over the next couple of months to press on with completing the entries for Hampshire. Many of these edits have come from visiting the Medieval Village Research Group (MVRG) Archive in Swindon.

Edits to Beds:

Faldo – added information from the MVRG archive which records finds of pottery, a spur and loom weights recovered in 1955.

Segenhoe – added regular visits in 1977 and a survey of the church in 1975 recorded in the MVRG archive.

Edits to Buckinghamshire:

A number of references have been added to sites – information came from the MVRG archive and copies can be found in the Buckinghamshire General Folder (86)

Mynard, D.C. 1967. Deserted Medieval Villages in North Buckinghamshire. Wolverton and District Archaeological Society Newsletter 11:19-21.

Bawden, D.C. 1975. An introduction to the Deserted Villages of Buckinghamshire. University of Nottingham Undergraduate Dissertation.

Cottesloe – originally listed as a doubtful site but the MVRG archive holds a number of photographs (CUCAP ANG 67, 68) that show clear field boundaries and some possible house platforms close to the current farm suggesting some settlement at the site. The site type has therefore been altered from Doubtful to DMH.

Okeney – added information from Chibnall, A.C. 1979. Beyond Sherington. Chichester: Phillimore, which records the village in 1262 and seven families at the end of the thirteenth century but kept the site type as a DMH.

Petsoe – changed from Doubtful to DMV. This is based on the information provided in Chibnall, A.C. 1979. Beyond Sherington. Chichester: Phillimore. Here there is convincing evidence of a settlement close to the manorial centre and that the hamlet of Petsoe End is a later migration of the settlement. Also added references to visible stone and roof tile at the site of the church reported in 1967.

Tyringham – added information from Chibnall, A.C. 1979. Beyond Sherington. Chichester: Phillimore which adds more weight to the enclosure of the land with the landowner in 1563 accused of destroying seven houses.

Edits to Cambridgeshire:

Weratworde – We had been unable to locate any information on this site but this was an oversight on our part and this is the settlement of Wratworth that was located somewhere close to Wimpole. The whole record for this site has been updated but there is still a question mark over its location with two separate suggestions – close to Cobbs Wood c. TL346515 or to the south in the parish of Orwell or Whaddon at TL356477. For the time being the website has gone with Cobbs Wood as that seems to have the most evidence to support its claim.

Edits to Derbyshire:

Sinfin – small edition after viewing the aerial photographs this confirmed the difficult nature of this site.

Edits to Devon:

Blackaton – Added 1332 Lay Subsidy references from Erskine, A.M. 1969. The Devonshire Lay Subsidy of 1332. Exeter: Devon and Cornwall Record Society New Series 14.

Bolt Head – added reference to medieval pottery recorded in MVRG but not enough to suggest a settlement there.

Edits to Dorset:

Lewcombe – the description has been altered to add information from the Place-Names of Dorset volume – Mills, A.D. 2010. The Place-Names of Dorset Part Four. Nottingham: English Place-Name Society.

Edits to Lincolnshire:

A part-time student at the University of Hull completed a dissertation looking at the Deserted Medieval settlements of North Lincolnshire in the summer of 2015. Whilst undertaking this research he helpfully spotted that a number of settlements had the wrong references or were missing references to Domesday entries and these have been edited: Haythby, Holme, Holtham, Lobingham and Manby.

 Other edits:

References to English Heritage have been changed to Historic England after the change in organisational structure in 2015.