Medieval Village Research Group Archive arrives in Hull

The Medieval Settlement Research Group (MSRG) took the decision in 2018 to make the archives of its predecessor groups more accessible. This archive is known as the Medieval Village Research Group Archive but also includes material from the Deserted Medieval Village Research Group, the Moated Sites Research Group, and the MSRG. Since the archive was closed in the late 1980s it had formed a part of the National Monuments Record, resting in the Historic England Archive in Swindon. Access to the archive needed prior booking, with limited public access. This was partly due to the lack of a full catalogue of the contents.

The archive was being actively used in the research behind the Beresford’s Lost Villages website based in Hull, and part of Maurice Beresford’s personal archive was already in the Hull History Centre. It was therefore decided to see if the Hull History Centre, a joint venture of the University of Hull Archives and Hull City Council Archives, would be willing to take the archive as well. This was indeed a possibility but the size and unknown contents of the archive do pose problems. To aid in the process of deposition, the archive is currently housed on University campus to enable cataloguing to take place and for a future retention and acquisitions policy to be created. It will then move to the History Centre.

The c.280 red box files that form the biggest part of the archive

For a discussion of the contents of the archive see the earlier post Medieval Village Research Group Archive. If anyone wants more details about the archive – then please email

Progress at cataloguing and interesting highlights will be posted here.